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Study #2: Marie, Chris & Lucas

STUDY #2: CHRIS AND MARIE (AND LUCAS), loving couple with son, 2004

We were each born at opposite ends of the country: Chris is an identical  twin and grew up in a family of nine in rural PEI with a conservative religious background; and Marie is the oldest of two girls in a four person family (two-parent heterosexual household) in small town west-coast BC with a secular background. We met in graduate school and were in a relationship for four years before Lucas was born.  Lucas was conceived with an anonymous donor through in-vitro fertilization at a clinic in Toronto.  In order to be a recognized parent, Marie adopted Lucas within a year of his birth.   

We believe family comes in many forms – through blood, by choice, married or not, with or without children.  For us, family means being a part of a group of people with a unique commitment to each other, that love and support each other, grow and learn together, have fun, show affection, and within which we experience stability, comfort and freedom to be oneself. Lucas age 3 has said that his family is a momma and a mommy and a Lucas and Pooka and Robin (our two cats). We cherish and take pride in our family.  

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