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Study #3: Jane, Jean, Fire & Mya

STUDY #3: JEAN, JANE, FIRE AND MYA, mother with adopted daughter and dogs 2004/2005

JANE: Jean is adopted. She was a gift to me and me to her. The sculpture represents to me the joy that we share; the love that we have for each other. Jean isn’t my possession but was entrusted to me to guide and nurture her and then launch her into the world in which she has soared. What pride I have in watching her fly.

JEAN: My mother and I are best friends. This sculpture was done right before a big transition point in our lives: before I moved out from the house to go to college in the US. Things have changed between us since then. In addition to physically being away, I’ve also grown up and changed from the girl I was when I left. I love our sculpture because it caught us at a special time in when I was still a child and when we still had our dogs, Fire and Mya, who were both a big part of our family.

Jane Hook Sculpture