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Study #5: Bryan, Kevin, Lilly & Michael

STUDY #5: BRYAN, KEVIN, LILLY AND MICHAEL, married couple with children, 2007

As a gay couple with a significant age difference, being married in an Anglican Church and having exclusive custody of our two young school-age children, we have had to face and overcome many biases or misconceptions about who we are as a family.   We have a deep commitment to the notion of family and we both have strong roots to our families of origin. We are and continue to be determined to be recognized and viewed as any other family (straight or otherwise) and notwithstanding that we are gay.  Together, our family has gathered some of our thoughts and created the statements below as to what family means to each of us:

LILLIAN (5):“My family is me, Michael, Daddy, Pop. Family is more important than food.”

MICHAEL (8):“Family is us all together. Family is being loving, and helping, and spending time together and trips!!!  … Families Rock!!!”

 POP (46):“Family fills my heart and feeds my soul.  Family is born from hope, thrives in moments of connection, and lives on in memory.”

DAD (27):“Out of the twenty or so different definitions for the word “Family” that I could find, only one seemed to fit, still not exactly, but closest of them all, to my own personal meaning of a family;  ‘a group of people who are not always blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together’  The most common interest and attitude for my family is love and caring for or looking out for each other.  This really does extend beyond the walls of our home and the pool of our genes.“

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