Study #6: Robi-Ellen

STUDY #6: ROBI-ELLEN, divorced woman, 2006/2007

“Family was once me, my wife, my dog, cat and bird, for 16 years. It was an average marriage, good days, bad days, not always roses and chocolates but we never went to bed angry.  All through my life I’ve known I was not male. A number of years ago my body started to shut down; my testosterone dropped and my body rejected the synthetic testosterone. When I began taking estrogen I became much healthier and happier. 

I had hoped that my wife might stay but she couldn’t and so we divorced. So now I live alone. Family to me is mostly close friends though my parents and sister are also my family.  I am happy with my decision. I loved my wife and so I’m sad about that loss and try not to think about it; the transition is hard but I had no choice. Being true to myself, I had to shift genders or no longer remain in this life. I wish I could have had both.  Family is important to me but so is my sense of being. This process has helped me feel more comfortable with myself”

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