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Study #7: Dyan, Rob, Kohan, Nolan & Talen

STUDY #7: DYAN, ROB, KOHAN, NOLAN, AND TALEN, married couple with children, 2005/2007

I had a dream of you last night
you were hanging stars from trees
A blue one, a yellow one and a white one
I drew a circle around you
and watched you shine 
like a mommy princess
and daddy came and married you
and I was your baby
Kohan: “Family is when you can bug each other and not get into trouble, and family is people who you can rely on”

Nolan: “Family is loving and caring and getting together for special occasions”. 

 Dyan and Rob: “the nest in which the soul is born, nurtured, and released into life”
                                        – Quote by Thomas Moore

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