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Study #8: Eddie & Rosetta

STUDY #8: EDDIE AND ROSETTA, married couple, 2005/2006

We met and fell in love in college in London, England in 1972 and have two children, Robert and Kathryn. They are both now grown and living adventurous young lives overseas.  Rosetta is originally from Grenada in the West Indies and her ethnic background is African, East Indian and Scottish.  Eddie was born in England, with parents from England and Turkey. Our family is the most consuming aspect of our lives. We might spend a lot of time with colleagues in our work place, but family is what grounds us, shapes us, gives meaning to our lives – fulfills us. Jobs and colleagues come and go. Family relationships and family members (living and dead) are with us always and are forever loved – we share our thoughts, emotions, joys, sorrows, memories, philosophies of life, and our goals. What would our lives be without this sharing? Or without our partners, siblings, close friends, parents, grandparents, grandchildren? Some families have a large circle of close family members, others may be very small. There should be no limitations or boundaries to the definition of a family, or whom we chose to share our lives with, or who we chose to love.  With links to Catholic, Protestant, Moslem, Hindu and Jewish culture in our family backgrounds, we embrace all religions and cultures and believe that ‘earth is but one country, and humankind its citizens’. Humanity is itself one big family. One day, we hope that the world will become a “Full Circle”.

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